Project Deliverables

We provide our services and solution as “Software as a service” business model, so once you sign up with us we shall give you your secured admin panel and super admin access. This way you do not need to provide any servers or hosting details, we take care of everything related to hosting. The access that we provide is  web based and you can use the same from above mentioned compatible browsers.

For any data security reasons or government policy reasons, if you want the system to be installed on your own datacenter please contact our sales team for getting specification of Required hardware, software, live IP, backup servers, server operating systems and server application that will be required for implementation at your own cost. Setup cost & maintenance cost of such activities are not a part of this scope. Any such or future requirements will have to be evaluated separately.

We shall also provide you a secured way to download/install GeoMine™ Android application on your officers’ / employees’ / contractors’ devices. Since this is not a public application we distribute this application based on number of licenses you have purchased or signed up for.

"GeoMine™ is a software that in my view is one of the very best in inspection for officers as it is quickly understandable."


"GeoMine™ is performing brilliantly. GeoMine™ is the most flexible, resource efficient and easy-to-use features that allows the complete management of all the mining activities through digital mode."