Centralize Data

With just a smartphone and GeoMine Mobile App, your inspectors have the tools to schedule, complete and follow up on inspections, while delivering a better customer experience through a comprehensive easy to read reports. Plus, top management will have a 360° view of the inspection activities including: inspections, complaints, permits, violations, compliance and more. All backed by our guaranteed Service Level, agreements for technical support and software upgrades.

Majority of work in mining department is related to field activity and as a field officer when your job takes you in the field; one needs a complete access to the data without the need of carrying bulky files and lots of papers. GeoMine enables to centralize all the data:

  • Automate inspection schedules to eliminate repetitive tasks and check on missed inspections of New and Old Lease.
  • Perform inspections in the field and sync data when you have network connectivity (online / offline capabilities).
  • Simply point and click, select Yes / No fields through each inspection to reduce inspection times.
  • Track violations/ illegal mining activities to better manage issues and re-inspections.
  • View data on Pin and Heat Maps to get better picture of the entire state.
  • Track data related to site Inspections of Leases having disputes and open cases.
  • Geo-fenced data of Lease ownership with options to record multiple pits.
  • Real-time inspection data of site visits with the ability to capture GPS positions of pole / pillars boundary (Common and private both), photos of pillars, lease owner signboard etc.
  • Digital copy of the approved map, name & details of lease owner like lease manager, grant order, renewal date, type of mine (major / minor) area of lease, district and taluka of lease.
  • Store and Communicate notices, violations and notes to senior officers and maintaining electronic record of each case.
  • Print reports from anywhere or email reports to reduce costs.
  • Comprehensive tracking to analyzing code enforcement activities.
  • Supports multiple inspection types (Major / Minor)
  • Digital photographs and other electronic documents can be attached along with a report.
  • Collected mineral samples, receive unique numbers and GPS locations.
  • Permission-based and role-defined workflow management.
  • Integration & Tracking royalty payment and utilization of royalty by a particular lease.
  • Validate Royalty pass or Delivery Challan with your existing system just by taking photo of Barcode (we have integrated barcode scanning capabilities & code libraries in spot inspection modules.)
  • Incase if your field staff is cross department functioning, like in Gujarat, then they are employed by the Geology Department but they work and report to the District Collector’s office and they are assigned additional task by the Collector’s office too. Using GeoMine you can actually track where your field staff is working on a given day.